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1. describe project

You tell us the task and who, or what you are looking for. The easiest way is with our online project briefing. Your personal account manager will be happy to assist you by phone.

2. check profiles

Based on your requirement profile, we suggest the suitable candidates or consulting companies within 48 hours. You then decide which manager to contact.

3. start project

We advise you on the contract and prepare the contracts for you. You confirm these online and start your project. Your account manager will continue to be your personal contact throughout the project.

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day 1

project briefing

You inform us about the task, the goals, and the desired candidate profile either online or in a personal interview. We are happy to personally advise you in the formulation of the project.

start project briefing

day 1

day 1-2

network research

We identify potentially suitable candidates (or consulting firms) for you as well as check their suitability for the project or your consulting needs. expertence is independent of third party providers and acts as a neutral intermediary.

day 2


On a clearly arranged shortlist, we present you with suitable candidates that we have individually selected for your request. You can select the best candidates at your leisure.

day 2

day 3-4

telephone interviews

We will first introduce you to the most interesting candidates through a telephone interview. We are happy to organise a video conference for you. Based on this first impression, you decide who you would like to meet in person.

day 5-7

personal meeting

You will get to know the candidate(s) in person, discuss the task in depth, and thoroughly re-examine the qualifications. In this way you will develop a reliable picture of the consultant — also with our support.

day 5-7

day 8

signing of the contract

Once you have chosen one (or more) candidates, we will prepare the contracts for you. If you wish, you can sign them online with your digital signature and store them in your customer archive.

start project

As soon as all formalities have been settled, nothing stands in the way of a successful project start. We are available to you with advice and assistance during the current project on request.

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candidates now

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expertence is one of the leading suppliers for line management and project management in professional interim management. Our Interim managers take on operational responsibility for temporary tasks and strategic projects as line managers or project managers in client companies.
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How does expertence benefit me?
The market for consultants, project and interim managers is confusing. Companies that search for suitable candidates themselves - through Google, provider directories or Internet platforms - are faced with a task that can hardly be solved. expertence supports you as a neutral partner in the search and pre-selection process.

With 20+ years of experience in purchasing consulting services, we help you find the right provider for your individual situation. We support you in the definition of the scope, in the preparation of a professional project briefing and in the pre-selection of suitable andidates. With piquano you reduce your search effort to just a few hours. As a result, you will find your consultant faster and can start the project at shorter notice.
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