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For the increasingly important search for flexible management and project resources, expertforce now offers a specialized online portal and personal consulting services from a single source. Whether qualified interim managers, experts or consultants - expertforce supports companies in the efficient search and selection of independent providers of temporary management services.

Managing Projects
Professionally experienced project managers with excellent management skills and a well-founded industry understanding for your PMO

knowledge transfer
Ensure profound consulting know-how from well-known industry experts and experienced business consultants

increase productivity
Operational support in start-up management, in production relocation or in the optimization of production processes

new markets
Experienced managers with knowledge of the country-specific (market) conditions and negotiation security with the local stakeholders

new chances
take your activities whenever they are required for new chances - we provide all resources needed just in time

close bottlenecks
If important tasks do not allow a time delay, we provide you with the necessary resources

> 2000
interim managers

> 1.100

> 600
project managers

> 300

userHandverlesene Experten und Manager

expertence-Pool – mindestens 10 Jahre operative Fach- und Führungserfahrung
Interim Manager – durch erfolgreich abgeschlossene Projekte belegte Management-Skills
Projektmanager – methodisch zertifizierte und operativ erprobte Projektmanagementerfahrung
Themenexperten – ausgewiesene vertikale Expertise aus den verschiedensten Themenbereichen
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Your profile for Interim Management, Project Management or Consultancy is your business card for all services provided. expertforce offers you a state-of-the-art-platform to display a professional presentation of your portfolio. Everything you need is already included in our free of charge Freemium package.

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